Full-Time Photography Blueprint

Everything you need to quit your 9-5 and go full-time in your photography business 

Does this sound like you?

You fantasize about turning in your two week notice, but it feels like a far off dream.

You SO badly want to fully pursue your photo business, but you haven’t been able to find clients who are willing to pay your rates.

You get some inquiries, but they ghost you more often than not. It’s discouraging.

You feel desperate, not sure if you’ll ever be able to replace your income from your job. You’re starting to wonder if the competition is just too high.

You’re starting to feel burnt out in your business - but not because you have too many clients…

Perhaps You've Been

downloading all the free guides

watching all the trainings and youtube videos you can get your hands on

& your google search history includes “how to book more photography clients”

…but nothing seems to help

I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been right where you are…feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and desperate to find business success.

imagine this...

You wake up in the morning to see 3 new inquiries from dream clients. In their email, they say that they looked through tons of photographers, and decided they want YOU. They book a consultation because they’re dying to know if you’re available.

What if you woke up on Monday, excited to start the work week?

You open your email to see 3 new inquiries from dream clients saying “I’ve been searching for a while and I know you’re the photographer for us” – you excitedly respond with a few available dates you have left and realize your dates are filling up fast!

You have to close your calendar for the next two months because you are FULLY BOOKED!

You see a DM from your client that says “OMG I am so in love with my photos 😍 I can’t wait for our next session together! Oh, and I shared your name with my friend who will be needing a photographer soon! Thank you thank you!!!” Your business is thriving, and you absolutely love your clients!

You check your google rankings and you’ve been at the top of search results for months now! People are reaching out left and right and you didn’t even have to lift a finger! It feels sooo good not to stress about where your next client is coming from.

You finally put in your two week notice to her 9-5 job and danced your way out of the office, ecstatic that you get to live out your dream of being a full-time photographer! You finally made it!

All of that CAN be your reality thanks to my proven system to book dream photography clients on repeat.


The full-time photography blueprint

Everything you need to become an ideal client magnet, book out your calendar, and grow to full time photography success!

Even if...

You don’t have years of photography experience

You don’t have thousands of followers

There are hundreds of other photographers in your area

this is the exact proven roadmap to...

1. Turn your business into a magnet for ideal clients 

2. Hit your income goals using a concrete pricing formula 

3. Attract potential clients and bring in leads every single week 

4. Book dream clients through my automated sales funnel (my secret weapon to increasing my booking rate) 

5. Serve your clients with an incredible and unique client experience, they come back year after year 

& so much more!

Our student success stories

the full-time
photography blueprint

Here's Everything You Get When You Join

The Full-Time Photography Blueprint program - 6 self-paced modules filled with everything you need to do to go full time. 

The Concierge - daily support in our private chat channel where you’ll receive feedback, answers to questions that come up, and be able to share your results along the way.

Templates, resources, scripts, and more - everything you need to jumpstart your growth! I include templates I use in my own business, scripts to help you nail down your client meetings, and so many other resources to help you find success faster!

An incredible community - you’ll gain support and inspiration from other photographers working in a similar journey that goes beyond the program!

welcome module

Lesson 1: Visualization as a Powerful Tool
Lesson 2: Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back

Module 1: Attracting soulmate clients

Lesson 1: Identifying Your Ideal Client 
Lesson 2: Magnetically Irresistible Branding (Guest Expert: brand designer)
Lesson 3: The Art of Consistency

Module 2: Pricing for Profit

Lesson 1: Rock-Solid Pricing Formula
Lesson 2: The Art of Pricing Structures: Finding the Sweet Spot
Lesson 3: All-Inclusive Pricing Model
Lesson 4: Hybrid Pricing Model 

Module 3: All About Artwork/A La Carte

Lesson 1: Choosing Your Artwork Products
Lesson 2: Pricing Your Artwork Offers
Lesson 3: The Key to Marketing Artwork
Lesson 4: Selling Artwork (without being sales-y)

Module 4: Crafting the Perfect Client Experience

Lesson 1: A One-of-a-Kind Client Experience
Lesson 2: Creating Your Workflow & Automation 

Module 5: Magnetic Marketing

Lesson 1: Understanding Your Marketing & Sales Funnel
Lesson 2: Creating Transformational Messaging
Lesson 3: Components of a Winning Website (guest expert: web designer)
Lesson 4: Getting Found on Google (Guest expert: SEO coach)
Lesson 5: Leveraging Social Media
Lesson 6: Other Marketing Strategies (Collaboration,  word of mouth, blogging, email marketing, publications, Google ads)

Module 6: Inquiry Response System

Lesson 1: Inquiry Form: It Starts at Hello
Lesson 2: Value-Packed Email Sequence
Lesson 3: Inquiry Response Automation
Lesson 4: Your Unique Marketing Video
Lesson 5: Consultations that Book

BONUS: Mini Sessions Course

The proven system to help you finally have sold-out, profitable mini sessions.

Ready for Full-Time Photography Freedom?

6 months access to training vault

Access to support: 
The Concierge

Supplemental course workbook

BONUS: Mastering Mini Sessions Course

payment options

Pay in Full

6 months access to training vault

Access to support: The Concierge

Supplemental course workbook

BONUS: Mastering Mini Sessions Course

3 Monthly Payments

One-Time Payment
$2328 $886

3 Payments of
$831 $333

Access to support: The Concierge

Access to support: 
The Concierge

return on investment (ROI) guarantee

Join the program RISK-FREE

Make your entire investment on this course back within 6 months or get your money back!

My goal isn't to take your money and run, but rather to support you toward your goals. So, I want you to join this program knowing that it's a risk-free investment in your business, and be confident that it has all the tools you need to go full time as a photographer! When you achieve your goals, I do a happy dance over here!

Our student success stories

Jennifer booked a wedding within 1 week of joining the program (making her entire investment back + more)!

Jennifer Kamen | Wedding & Family Photographer

Kayla has gotten more inquiries than ever and is almost fully booked for the year!

Kayla Marie | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

“I have taken several well known courses that I have learned a lot from, and while they were super helpful, Taylor’s class filled in so many gaps with such positive energy that it really made becoming a wedding photographer feel possible. She really walks you through valuable steps that will give you experience to move forward rather than just blindly stumbling around. There is no fluff in this course. If you feel stuck on how to grow your photography business this course won’t let you down.”

Brittney Later Photography | Wedding Photographer

Willow had 4 new inquiries within days of implementing the strategies taught in Marketing for Photographers

Willow Smith | Wedding Photographer

Jennifer 7x's her income and is on her way to meeting her income goals!

Jennifer Kamen | Wedding & Family Photographer

Sophie had 25 new ideal clients follow her on Instagram within one week of using the Instagram strategy.

Sophie Grace | Wedding & Family Photographer

Firly booked a wedding using the templates included in the program.

Firly Tinguki | Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Taylor!

I used to be exactly where you are... feeling defeated, overwhelmed, trying everything but getting nowhere trying to grow my business to full time.

My quest for full time success really began a few years into my business. I was a mental health intern in graduate school to become a therapist, but I could not kick my dream of becoming a full-time photographer. 

When I say I understand how desperately you want success in your business, I truly get it. I tried everything to book more clients - watched thousands of youtube videos, downloaded all the freebies, stalked photographers who had “made it”, and spent months trial and error-ing (and thousands of dollars in advertising) just to get my business to grow. Only to take home $25k at the end of the year…enough to justify keeping on, but not enough to quit my job.

And then, I invested in the right mentors and coaches, who helped me crack the code on a system that would bring me to $60k at the end of the year in my photography business, in less than 6 months - from PORTRAITS (not weddings). The next year was $75k, with ease!

Using this system, I was able to triple my income quickly and become a full-time newborn & family photographer in a matter of MONTHS!

That’s when I knew…this system WORKS.

I finally was living the life of freedom that I had always dreamt of - the one where I got to make my own schedule, bake sourdough on a Monday morning, and choose how I want to spend my days. 

Full-time photography success is more than possible when you have all the steps to get there!

I don’t have years of experience as a photographer, so I don’t know if I can jump to full time.

There are too many photographers in my area. There’s too much competition.

Myth 1

If you know how to work your camera, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have. You can do this job, and you are qualified!

the truth

Myth 2

the truth

This is a huge myth that could be holding you back from growing! More photographers mean that there’s demand in your area for photography services. Trust me, there are more than enough clients to go around. Plus, in FTPB, you’re going to stand out among the crowd and other photographers will no longer feel like competition!

You’ll gain access to the FTPB + the Concierge for 6 months! This gives you plenty of time to gain all the knowledge, tools, and momentum you need to go full time in your business!

Your success and income growth through this program is directly related to how much you're willing to work! I’m teaching you all the tools to be able to make your investment back AND be able to do it over and over again on repeat. The goal is never to make your money back, but rather to make $60k+ this year! *I’ve had students make their investment back within 2 weeks of joining my program.*

Just like anything else, your success is related to your willingness to put in the work. Due to the nature of this no fluff course, if you follow along step-by-step and implement these marketing strategies, you will see quick results. Trust me, when those ideal clients start rolling in and finding you, you’ll be even more motivated to implement the next strategy. Lessons are broken down into bite-sized lessons for you to follow along so you can get fast results!

In Two Weeks...

you could be reaching hundreds of new people on social media which means that you’re finally seeing the traction you’ve been missing and getting your name out there.

In 2 Months...

you could be getting 3 or more inquiries per week (on autopilot!!) which means you’re one step closer to booking your calendar full of dream clients.

And In a Year...

you could be quitting that dreadful 9-5 that keeps you away from the people and lifestyle you love.

So, now you have 2 options

Close this page and keep doing what you've been doing...trying to piece it all together and hope that clients will find you. Or...

Enroll in the Full-Time Photography Blueprint and get a roadmap to magnetically attracting ideal clients, booking your calendar full, and gaining freedom and joy in your business!

The choice is yours!
You know which one I’m voting for!

Your dream business is only one important step away!

this is for you if...

This is not for you if...

You’re ready to become an established and trusted photographer in your area

The idea of consistently bringing in new inquiries and booking ideal clients on repeat sounds amazing!

You are ready to see your business grow exponentially!

You’re only in it for the money, and you don’t like photography/serving clients

You’re looking for a magic pill and don’t want to put in the work

You’re not willing to step past your limiting beliefs to reach your potential

So, what are you waiting for?

The Full-Time Photography Blueprint could be your ticket to success in your photography business!