I used to be exactly where you are... feeling defeated, overwhelmed, trying everything but getting nowhere trying to grow my business to full time.

My quest for full time success really began a few years into my business. I was a mental health intern in graduate school to become a therapist, but I could not kick my dream of becoming a full-time photographer. 

When I say I understand how desperately you want success in your business, I truly get it. I tried everything to book more clients - watched thousands of youtube videos, downloaded all the freebies, stalked photographers who had “made it”, and spent months trial and error-ing (and thousands of dollars in advertising) just to get my business to grow.

Only to take home $25k at the end of the year…enough to justify keeping on, but not enough to quit my job.

full-time photographer turned photography coach

Hi Friend, I'm Taylor!

I invested in the right mentors and coaches, who helped me crack the code on a system that would bring me to $60k at the end of the year in my photography business, in less than 6 months - from PORTRAITS (not weddings). The next year was $75k, with ease!

Using this system, I was able to triple my income quickly and become a full-time newborn & family photographer in a matter of MONTHS!

That’s when I knew…this system WORKS.

I finally was living the life of freedom that I had always dreamt of - the one where I got to make my own schedule, bake sourdough on a Monday morning, and choose how I want to spend my days. 

Full-time photography success is more than possible when you have all the steps to get there!

and then it all clicked

Creating that Beautiful, Full-Time Photography Business *is* Possible and is as Fulfilling as You are Envisioning.

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